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Stork's Nest is one of Delta Zeta Zeta's signature programs and is designed to promote prenatal care participation and healthy behaviors during the pregnancy through two components - incentives and education. The Stork's Nest clients "earn" points toward incentives, such as maternity or baby care items, through a variety of positive, health-promoting activities such as attending prenatal care appointments, participating in prenatal education classes,and  keeping appointments for well-baby visits. The Stork's Nest prenatal education sessions provide information, educational materials, and a variety of other resources and referrals that help clients take good care of themselves and their babies.


Delta Zeta Zeta Chapter opened it’s Stork's Nest in Prince George's County, Maryland in 2011. Our Stork's Nest is geared to assist and encourage the teen parents of the County to seek prenatal care and education by reaching out to them where they are. While we do not encourage nor condone teen pregnancy, we recognize the need to equip these young mothers and fathers. We have partnered with the County’s Teen Parenting Program which works directly with teen and soon-to-be teen parents at various high schools throughout the County.


For more information about the Stork's Nest in Prince George’s County, and how you can become a sponsor or make a donation, please email us at

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